9 Need-to-Know Apple Pencil Features

9 Need-to-Know Apple Pencil Features

Although you may be able to find countless stylus’ on the market today, they won’t offer you the same degree of accuracy and functionality as the Apple Pencil. Before Apple made this debut, most stylus’ featured either a fine hard tip or a rubber tip shaped like a finger.

Furthermore, these other brands may not have the same palm rejection and simple charging features. You can also use the Apple Pencil as a finger replacement to scroll, open apps, and many more.  

What Does The Apple Pencil Offer?

Palm Rejection

This feature allows you to sketch or write on an iPad with comfort. While the pencil is connected to your iPad, the tablet will know not to respond to your fingers or palm that may rest on the screen.

Tilt Sensitivity

Since this tool works like a regular pencil, you can use it for shading. Simply hold the pencil at an angle while pressing the side of its tip along your iPad. You can count on your Apple Pencil to know the direction of its tilt.  

Pressure Sensitivity

You can draw or write thicker or thinner lines depending on the amount of pressure you place on your iPad. The Apple Pencil doesn’t operate on a specific pressure sensitivity level, but your iPad should have no problem recognizing the pressure you put on it.  

Low Latency

You won’t feel any delay between what appears on the display and your pencil’s movement. Your tablet should react as quickly as if you were drawing on a piece of paper.  


When it comes to precision, this tool delivers accuracy down to the pixel. In other words, the image shown on the screen and where the Apple Pencil literally is should be exact and with no offset space.  

Pencil-Like Feel

The Apple Pencil and an #2 pencil should be approximately the same size and weight. Therefore, the transition should be seamless.  

Touch Gestures (Apple Pencil 2 Only)

Touch gestures are supported by the Apple Pencil 2. You will have the ability to swap between apps and tools by double-tapping the screen. Furthermore, you may also switch between an eraser tool and a pen tool by making the same motion.

Inductive Charging (Apple Pencil 2 Only)

No need for a Lightning connector! The second-generation Apple Pencil charges by plugging it into an iPad Pro.

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