Awesome iPhone Tricks You Wish You Knew About

Awesome iPhone Tricks You Wish You Knew About

Your iPhone is a little box of wonder that can do practically anything you want. Aside from helping you find your way home, it can also check your current crafting projects are level, settle pub debates, and even hide your private photos. However, did you know that underneath this beautiful vessel’s polished surface are even more advanced features that are waiting to be discovered?

Genius iPhone Tricks that Are Waiting to be Discovered

Getting a Faster Charge

When it’s crunch time, there’s nothing worse than an iPhone charging at a snail’s pace. The next time this happens to you, all you have to do is turn on Airplane Mode. You’d be surprised at how fast your phone fills up when you temporarily pause your random notifications and GPS roaming. Failing to pause your iPhone’s background noise will drain the battery and work against the charger.  

Correcting Siri

Although Siri may seem like she knows it all, you may actually know more than she does. For example, you can correct Siri when she doesn’t say a name or an address right by saying “That’s not how you pronounce…,” Once you do so, Siri will ask you how to correctly pronounce the word before repeating it back to you.  

Discovering What Your iPhone Knows About You

Your iPhone constantly gathers information based on the apps you use, the amount of data you burn, and your location. If you want to see how much your iPhone knows about you, go to Settings ˃ Privacy ˃ Location Services ˃ System Services ˃ Frequent Locations. If this creeps you out, you can tap “Clear History” and swipe left on the Frequent Locations tab to turn this feature off.

Find the iPhone that’s Perfect for You!

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