iOS 14: How to Enhance Your Audio Recordings

iOS 14: How to Enhance Your Audio Recordings

Apple made a lot of improvements in iOS 14. One of these improvements being the ability to enhance your audio recordings through the Voice Memos app. You can find this feature by enacting the Enhance Recording setting.  

Through machine learning, this one-touch feature can help you get rid of echo, background noise, and any type of unwanted sound in a snap! In other words, if the Photo app’s magic wand button allows you to enhance an image to your liking, this new Enhance Recording feature is its audio equivalent.  

While you may not always get the audio quality you want, it’s definitely worth a shot. You always have the option to reverse the enhancement if you make mistakes.  

Making the Most of Your Enhanced Recording

How to Enhance Your Voice Memo Recordings  

First, you will need to record audio and give yourself something to enhance. Start by launching the Voice Memos app on your Apple device. Next, choose to record audio. If you have pre-recorded audio you would like to use, you may also tap a previously recorded memo.  

Once you’ve made or selected a specific recording, select the three dots (or the ellipsis icon) at the bottom left of your screen. Head over to the Actions menu and select Edit Recording. Finally, tap the magic wand icon in the upper left corner and begin editing.  

When you have your recording sounding the way you would like, tap Done. To check the result of your recording, tap the Play button.  

How to Get Rid of Your Voice Memo Enhancements

Oh no! You made the recording worse! No worries here, you can always undo the enhancement you previously saved.  

To do this, launch the Voice Memos app, select the recording, and tap the ellipsis icon at the bottom left of the recording. Next, go to the Actions menu and select Edit Recording. Tap the magic wand icon that’s found in the upper left corner of the screen to deselect it. This will take away every change that was previously saved to this file. Lastly, tap Done.

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